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End of 2018 Season Reflections (10.13.18): For many years, this weekend or next would normally be our Pumpkin Potluck, however given the muddy field, crop losses and the continued inclement weather, in addition to the threat of a first frost tonight, we are sad to say we won’t be hosting one. This annual happening has always begged for a time of reflection, and it is also a time for us to clean up and begin thinking about the future.

2018 was easily the most difficult year we have ever faced in the ten years we have been out in the garden, and from what we have seen and heard, it has been difficult for many other farmers in the state as well. We lost so much between the May tornado, the flash flooding and the inconsistent weather, along with the normal issues that are inherent in organic farming.

For the time being, we will still be offering garlic, shallots and some herbs for pick up in our dropbox. (See below.)

We don’t know where the coming years will take us, but the beauty of working with nature is that with every season comes renewal and hope. We want to say thank you everyone for your support this and every year.

Liz and Eric

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