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Currently, you can email us here.

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You can also call us at 203.606.7467; however, text or email is often quicker.

We are located in the center of Bethany CT and serve the surrounding communities only. We ask that you make an appointment before you stop in, as we do not have set hours.

About Us

Our History…

Since 2008, we have functioned as a CSA. Customers would pre-pay for a subscription for the year and pick up weekly at our farm. We gave them everything we had ready each week for an average of 13 weeks during the summer. Over the years, we began to realize that the basic rules of the CSA didn’t work for a lot of our customers. Some sharers can’t pick up every week due to schedule, some sharers didn’t always like what they got or wanted more. We love the CSA concept and the community that gathered around us; however as more CSA’s began opening around us, we found less and less enrollment each year, and decided it was time for a change.

A NEW Approach… Our goals are:

  • Build an online Farmer’s Market. This will allow customers to order what they want, when they want it (as long as we have it, of course)!
  • Offer pick up sites OR home delivery (for a fee) to Bethany and neighboring towns to broaden available schedule to our customers.
  • Keep the community element by offering monthly events in the garden open to our customers, in lieu of share-outs.

And our standards stay the same:

  • Provide our customers with local, fresh and organically cared for food, grown right down the street.
  • Provide a diverse offering of vegetables as they come into season.
  • Preserve the land we farm on by treating it with respect.

Items We Grow

Tomatoes/ Carrots/ Eggplant/ Celery/ Peppers/ Squash/ Radishes/ Cooking Greens/ Chard/ Beets/ Cabbage/ Broccoli/ Kale/ Cucumbers/ Raspberries/ Beans/ Garlic and Scapes/Lettuce/ Scallions/ Peas and more!

Check out our shop category “Off/Inter Season” to see everything we have to offer, even if its not in season. We plan to add a “flow chart” soon to show estimates when each item is available. Remember that because of weather conditions, and occasional crop failures, there will be times and entire seasons where we cannot promise some items.

Who we are..

Eve’s Corner Garden CSA was created by three greenhouse growers in Bethany CT in 2008. For a few years, we had been gardening on the far corner of the property and using the very old (now defunct) office building from the previous owner as our supply shack. After a bountiful season in 2007, we decided to try a small CSA with 20 families for the following spring. We took a sabbatical for 2011, and returned to functioning as a CSA in 2012 through the 2016 season.

Are you certified organic?
We are not certified organic. We all have backgrounds in organic farming and believe that organic farming is the best way to farm. We share the property with a greenhouse facility which is not organic, though very progressive in its IPM practices. The food we offer our sharers is always grown with organic practices from start to finish.

Where are you located?
Eve’s Corner Garden CSA is located in the center of Bethany, Connecticut. It shares the property with a wholesale greenhouse, and is managed part-time by the employees of the greenhouse. We will provide you with directions if you would like to visit or for an event, however, we ask that you contact us before visiting, as we may not be readily available to assist you. Pick will be offered at our site locations to be announced.

Interested? Here are the next steps:

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