How it Works

We know, its a bit confusing at first… Here’s the breakdown to help:

1.) Place your order. 

Things to Note:
Select from any items listed in our Shop that you would like this week. You can pay via PayPal, which accepts all major cards and bank accounts, and technically, you don’t need to even create an account with them to use it.

2.) Choose your local pickup site and timeframe at checkout.

The pick up site you select relates to THIS WEEK’S pickup. (Example: You place your order on Wednesday for a Saturday pickup. Your order will be ready for the Saturday of the same week.) You can find the most current pick up sites in our webpage menu and on our shop page. Remember that cut off for orders is 24 hours in advance of that pick up time. We harvest your food as fresh as possible but we also work around the weather, so we need a little time to plan ahead if its inclement.

3.) Show up in the timeframe and location you selected To get your veggies!

Just ask for your name or order number. If your order is larger than one bag or box, we will note it on your tag, so if you have placed a large order, please double check it.

4.) Enjoy your food!

Other things:

  • If you want to return your bag or packaging from a previous order, we are happy to take it back. Please bring it with you to your next pick up. We appreciate if everything is rinsed and clean.
  • If you would like to make special arrangements for a pick up time, please email us ahead of time to be pre-approved. We try to accommodate when we can, but are not always able.