Garlic – 2oz (1-2 bulbs)


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It’s ready! After 8 months of preparation, our beautiful 2016-2017 garlic crop is finally cured and ready for long storage.

This means you can keep it in the counter or cabinet (NOT the fridge) and you should be able to enjoy it for about 4-6 months, if it lasts that long. Why not the fridge, you ask? It’s because cool temperatures fool garlic into thinking it’s springtime and it will try to send up its shoots to grow on for another season.

What else can we say about this beautiful, diverse food? If you’ve eaten it, chances are you love it. If you’ve grown it, chances are you love it even more!

Grown in our garden in Bethany, raised organically.

2oz = 1 large or 2 medium bulbs.


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