Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions and Things to Know When You Order:

On Orders: We currently only offer pick up sites local to New Haven county Connecticut. If you CANNOT pick up at these sites, please DO NOT place your order. We reserve the right to cancel your order should we suspect that you are unable to pick up at our site locations.

On Organic Food: We grow organically. We do not have a processing plant handling your food, and we are not spraying harsh chemicals that kill everything around the plants. Please understand that occasionally, produce may have bruises, cracks, dirt and the occasional bug. We try our best to make sure we offer clean food, but it can happen.

On Freshness and Quality: We harvest the majority of our food within 24 hours of you receiving it. While we do our best to keep everything cool and fresh, on especially hot days during the summer, quality can decrease very quickly. Upon receipt, please get your produce to a cool location in a prompt time frame. We also recommend “processing” your food as quickly as possible when you get it home. Click here for a guide on how to quickly process your food if you’re short on time.

On Washing Produce: Though it may not be emphatic in our suggested recipes, we ALWAYS recommend washing your produce thoroughly, as with any recipe or food. Once again, click here for a guide on processing your food.

On Food Safety: We would like to remind you that, while very low, there is a risk of food illness, as with ANY farm, market or restaurant. Due to our small size, we are not required to be registered under the current Food Safety Act, however we have taken the FSMA training classes and take every precaution when working with the food.

On Injuries: There are inherent risks and potential injuries that go along with farming and visiting a working farm. When you are visiting our farm, please be cautious and conscientious. If you have children, we ask that you supervise them and explain to them to be mindful as well.

On Liability: Eve’s Corner Garden, its owners and its employees, will not be held responsible for any injury or illness that occurs. These are unconditional terms of any purchase of product or any visitation to our farm.